Maxi-Lift Outriggerless Push Around Lift

Item Number: MLN176BH Catalog Image
This design is unique in that the unit passes all current ANSI standards, plus the proposed changes to ANSI 92.3, which would require greater built-in stability to prevent tip over. The Outriggerless Maxi Lift accomplished this while holding a 30" width, allowing it to pass through standard doorways. Pair this feature with the front and back casters moved closer to one another for a smaller turning radius, and you have a suprisingly easy to maneuver lift. Platform height is seventeen feet, allowing most to work comfortably at 23 feet.

400 lbs Lift Capacity

30" x 58" Base Size. Designed to fit normal door & hallways.

Battery Powered

24" x 30" Platform Size

17' Raised Platform Height

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Manual Winch Push Around Lift

Item Number: ML-15W Catalog Image

An economical alternative to electro-hydraulic lifts, the Cotterman Manual Winch lift is simple to use and maintain. The lift is quickly elevated to the desired working height with a hand crank winch, then the user climbs a ladder to the platform. Built in safety features include a friction brake on the winch and outriggers that can be placed in an X pattern or rectangular. In addition, in case the cable is cut or snaps, a spring loaded mechanical stop engages as soon as tension is released from the cable, preventing a vertical drop.


300 lbs Capacity


29" x 59" Base Size. Designed to fit through normal door & hallways


25-1/2" x 29" Platform Size


15' Raised Platform Height



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